Webinar Recap from Today’s Direct, Social and Digital Marketing Q&A

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Well, The FDMA’s first Webinar is in the record books and was a resounding success!   Thanks for all the questions submitted in advance, and to all who attended.

Our panelists today were: Alex de Carvalho, Michelle Caroll, John Irving, Karen Talavera, Josh Feinberg, and Joe Palko.  Great job!  If you have more questions for them, please comment here and we will get them answered.

If you have any feedback positive or negative please feel free to email me at president@FDMA.org.  Thanks for attending!

Special thanks to Nicholas Scalise our Social Media Chair for tweeting during the event at #FDMA2015

As to the collaboration tools Alex mentioned, here they are.

Collaborative tools I use:





http://pivotaltracker.com (more for tech/development projects)


Jim Gilbert, President


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