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Webinar Recap from Today’s Direct, Social and Digital Marketing Q&A

Posted 3 years ago, on the category: Blog by Jim Gilbert

Well, The FDMA’s first Webinar is in the record books and was a resounding success!   Thanks for all the questions submitted in advance, and to all who attended. Our panelists today were: Alex de Carvalho, Michelle Caroll, John Irving, Karen Talavera, Josh Feinberg, and Joe Palko.  Great job!  If…

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Direct, Digital 2015: What You Need to Know For Marketing Success [Event Recap]

Posted 3 years ago, on the category: Blog by Nicholas Scalice

On January 22nd, 2015, FDMA hosted a one-of-a-kind event, featuring an all-star cast of six speakers who shared their most valuable tips and tricks for marketing success in the year ahead and beyond. If you are an FDMA regular, you know that events are usually scheduled around a single speaker….