Simmons Bedding Company Missing the Boat

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Simmons is spending $30 million on its Beautyrest Black & Comfortpedic IQ ad campaigns. The campaign is spending big dollars on TV and digital advertising and features high profile stars like Patrick Dempsey.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for a big media spend – air time is vital for branding . I also see that they are incorporating a YouTube video into the media mix and Patrick Dempsey will be even promoting Beautyrest through his personal social media channels.

I’m sure the media buyers put a lot of planning into creating the buy…but where, I ask, is the direct mail component that makes it a comprehensive program?

When we look at actual buying statistics of who buys mattresses, Simmons has just missed the boat.

New Homeowners account for more mattress sales than any other market segment. Based on years of surveys and research, we know that in the first 30 days that they are in the new homes or condos, over 33% of them will buy a new mattress for at least one of the bedrooms in their new home*.….and New Homeowners are most easily reached by the good old-fashioned, high-response medium of direct mail.

Just think of it, Simmons could reach every single New Homeowner in the U.S. by direct mail, with a well-tuned direct campaign, driving worthy buyers into retail stores clamoring for their products every week of the year.

In 12 months, Simmons could be reaching out to the best 1,865,057 Homeowner households they could contact…and, even if the percentages were off and only 15% of the new Homeowners bought mattresses – well, that’s a lot of bedding sales.

Not only would this be a successful venture, but a measurable one.
If I were spending $30 million, I’d want to know that I sold a mattress or two…..

*Source: DMA survey of new homeowners and new movers

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