Market When it’s Hot…..or in this case, when it SNOWS.

Posted 3 years ago, on the category: Blog by Dale Filhaber

When the pundits talk about response, they always mention the Big 3 – Mailing List, Creative and Offer. I say market when it’s Hot…..or in this case, when it SNOWS.

I believe we absolutely must absolutely consider market timing, what I call, Synchographics, into the mix because it can play such a huge role in ROI.

Right now, the entire Northeast has been blanketed with snow. News reports talk about struggles with commuting, the nuisance of snow removal and homeowner’s roofs collapsing under the weight of tons of snow.

All this inconvenience and disaster….but to me – a marketing opportunity that should not be missed.

For example, let’s talk about Roofers. I have seen so many articles describing roofs that are leaking and caving in because of the snow.

Roofers should be direct mailing to Homeowners in their area for branding, visibility and offering a post-thaw special. There will be hundreds of homeowners who will be searching Google looking for a Roofing Company.

The Roofer who takes the initiative to reach out – at this particular time when roofs are in the news and concern is in the hearts – will be the one they remember when the sun comes out

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