In Marketing, Sometimes the Old Fashioned Way Works Best……

Posted 3 years ago, on the category: Blog by Dale Filhaber

Today’s South Florida Business Journal featured Gregg Weinberg from Miami-based Gr8Taste Water.

Gregg is the chief Hydration office with Gr8Taste and his specific niche is providing bottleless water equipment and service for homes, fitness centers, hotels and executive offices. According to Gregg, each of the water machines he installs replaces 3,000 16-ounce plastic bottles a year.

The Fountainbleau and Four Seasons Hotels in Miami are among his clients.

Gregg gets his clients the Old-fashioned way: cold calls and a door-to-door sales technique. “Nothing will ever replace intimate professional relationships face-to-face” he said.

As technology continues to explode and businesses continue to increase their on-line marketing efforts, we continually need to be reminded that the personal touch really resonates with people.

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