Redefining Customer Engagement in an Omni-Channel World

About this event :

Today marketers are expected to be able to create a seamless customer experience across any channel and any on any screen.

This month FDMA is pleased to offer a powerful event on Omni-Channel Engagement.  May 21st at Cinepolis Theaters in Deerfield Beach (8AM – 10AM).

What you can expect to get out of this event:

Key Takeaways

  1. Identifying the Challenges Facing your Business Today
  2. Understand the expectations of your customer
  3. The Impact on your Customer
    1. Metrics, Statistics
  4. Omni-Channel Customer Engagement Best Practices
    1. 5 Pillars of Success

Event Summary:

Customers’ behavior and interactions with the brands and businesses they buy from has changed dramatically in the last few years. Their attitudes and expectations have evolved much faster than businesses’ ability to build positive experiences.

Based on our Engagement 3.0 study which is based on in depth research of US customers and in depth interviews of senior marketing leaders suggest organizations are struggling against this backdrop in three key ways:

1.     Customers are more easily disappointed

2.     Customers are quicker to judge businesses critically and less willing to forgive

3.     Customers are more prepared to act decisively when their relationship with a business takes a turn for the worse.


Today’s customers want personalized, contextual and relevant information that delivers value at every point where they interact with a company. To match these needs and improve how customers feel about their relationship with organizations, businesses need to shift from a focus on improving just individual experiences to adding value across the customer journey as a whole.

Focusing on the specific engagement mishaps and missteps which do the most to undermine customers’ confidence,
trust and preparedness to enter into an engaged and positive relationship with the business they transact from, our research has identified the top three problems as:

1. Irrelevant and impersonal communications which are not informed by customer knowledge and insight and fail to provide value

2. Keeping pace with technological change

3. Disjointed communications caused by company silos


There is a clear opportunity for brands and businesses
 to deepen interactions, and enhance the value of their relationships with customers. At the same time, the findings reveal how a focus on knowledge and trust can engender engagement and positive outcomes for both parties. Based on our extensive research and surveys, we have developed a new model for customer engagement to help organizations to seize this opportunity, which focuses on the role of knowledge, trust and value in building engagement over time.

While the needs and circumstances of every sector, and indeed every organization, differ significantly, we believe there are some common approaches that all large customer- facing organizations can embrace to take steps closer to authentic customer engagement. Taken together, these
are what we are calling “The Customer Engagement Recommendations”, and cover how in order to build engagement, businesses need to interact with customers over time, providing a holistic view of the customer and ensuring that all interactions are personalized, contextualized, relevant and based on adding value. By following these recommendations companies will ensure they don’t fall behind in the customer engagement race.

About the speaker Sam Capra:

Profile PicAs a Business Development Executive, Sam is committed to bringing customer engagement to the forefront as a critical marketing strategy. He works with some of the largest brands in the Southeast to create consistent and engaging customer focused conversations across omni-channel touch points in real time. Sam is driven to give his clients the expert insight and guidance they need to develop strategies and implement programs that drive long-term engagement and stronger customer relationships.

Sam has significant experience in selling, designing and implementing data-driven, omni-channel customer engagement communication programs. He received his start in marketing while at Salesforce, leading the Marketing Cloud platform business development efforts for much of the Southeast. Sam worked with some of the largest brands in the US developing a holistic marketing approach across social, mobile and web for a true single view of the customer.

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