How to Master Content Marketing

About this event :

Feed the Beast! Your 3-Point Plan to Creating Consistent Compelling and Cash-Driven Content…

You need a steady stream of authoritative content to send to your audience. Yes, some of it they may know, but they haven’t heard it in your voice and from your perspective. That means the world. In fact, it means just about everything for your business, especially the consistency of sending out content every month, just as you promised you would.
You’ll leave the session with:
– the secret to getting laser focused on your target audience
– a no-hassle plan for developing social media content
– the best ways to get value out of every penny of your content marketing budget
– savvy ways to outsource your content marketing to a pro,
Who should attend:
If you are using or want to use content marketing for your business, small or large, FDMA guarantees you will gain at least 5 solid takeaways!
About the Speaker:
Lisa D. Sparks

Lisa D. Sparks

Lisa D. Sparks, a well known small business marketing expert, has shared results generating insights to more than 20,000 business owners in the United States and Latin America.

Through live workshops, teleseminars and manuals Lisa consults with national and international companies on starting and sustaining profitable email marketing, social media and blog campaigns.
Lately Lisa started the content marketing firm, Verity Content. She leverages her expertise to help small business owners unleash their voice through blogs, emails, web content and social media content.

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