LinkedIn Ninja Masters Class: Power Network in Half the Time

About this event :

Your LinkedIn profile isn’t your bio. It’s your career summary with viral visibility. Don’t neglect one of the most powerful (and free) social tools available.

On March 19th come learn how to optimize your profile and earn referrals by staying top of mind — improve your bottom line.

Why is LinkedIn so important for me?

  1. By now, you may know your online reputation is significant, particularly with hyper-searches performed by Google or Safari users.
  2. LinkedIn has dedicated tremendous SEO to your LinkedIn profile. If I were to Google your name, your LinkedIn profile should be a Page One result, if your profile is optimized.
  3. The typical LinkedIn user earns more than $100k annually, has an advanced degree and is a key decision maker.
  4. Avoid the seven sins / common mistakes others make.
  5. Learn from professional examples of LinkedIn profiles to optimize your own, right away.

Why should I attend?

  • If you’re seeking clients who can pay their bill, you should attend.
  • If your firm doesn’t pay for Search Engine Optimization for your page on the corporate website, you should attend.
  • If your firm doesn’t promote your services well enough, you should attend.
  • If your practice is seeking personalized introductions to new clients, you should attend.
  • If you avoid networking events because you’re shy or cannot find the time, you should attend.
  • If you are already a power use of LinkedIn but haven’t monetized your results, you should attend.

Our guest speaker is D. B. Wienke, certified LinkedIn Ninja, will show you how.

Learn best practices to engage and influence your peer network for referral-based results.

A former Chief Marketing Officer and a Fortune 500 Executive, D.B. is an expert who advocates social media to engage, delight and excite a response.   Social media uses ☆ your own voice ☆ when speaking to your target customers. Learn advanced Linkedin skills from an upbeat, passionate leader who has your solution ready.


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Your host : Jim Gilbert

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