Content Marketing Event July 2014 Recap

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Social Media Content Marketng strategies to drive ROI, July 2014 Recap

On Thursday, July 31 Heidi Richards Mooney and Christina Rowe collaborated in their presentation highlighting strategic social media tactics here at FDMA.

At the Paragon Theater in Deerfield Beach, members and attendees were able to leave with new information on some key components in developing stronger content as well as a more secure grasp on how to market through some current and popular websites.

“People like to learn differently,” Christina underlined during the presentation. Both marketers focused strongly on the impact that social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram have on people in general, and how this technology-based generation can thrive from simple incorporations of these sites in everyday business.

One mobile application recommended for this, Word Swag, is a program that designs dozens of different texts that can be added to photos and shared on to social media directly from the app. The idea behind it, Christina added, is to use simple, every-day tools to draw an audience’s attention. Christina stressed the idea of how media companies can engage audiences while increasing their advertiser revenue all through integrating free guides and reports.

Heidi spent time concentrating on the advantages of “creating it and curating it.” She advanced to explain that curating through media can work to become an asset for marketers. “Don’t be afraid to curate,” she indicated. Her incentive regarding curating is that by spreading interesting information, you are not only seizing attention but extending your business and name across the Internet into a sea of buyers. The two continued in mentioning sites such as BuzzFeed and BoingBoing, which have recently generated more views than the New York Times. Heidi recommended other sites like Just Something, Quora, and AllTop as good means of knowledge and news; all great sources for powerful and interesting curation.

The presentation also directed attention toward the growing popularity of podcasts and video posts, where the two favored effective communication: from buying the proper microphone to suggesting different animation and editing softwares. Christina touched upon various video tips necessary in avoiding any distraction, some including the proper use of equipment, lighting, sound and imagery, background, scripts (with clear Calls to Action), length, editing, and hosting. Sites like Techsmith, ShowYou, Wideo, Vimeo, and Youtube can all be used to share, and some edit, footage.

While content was a major focus in the presentation, the two were not shy in covering the importance of visual appeal. Sites like GoAnimate, PiktoChart, and Zenfolio, according to the two, are great ways to incorporate visually appealing guides in an easy, affordable manner, and even to buy or sell services for a prime design. Both incorporated more youth-based programs which have successfully advanced businesses seeking a younger audience. Phone apps like Vine, where users are able to formulate their own 6-second short films, were endorsed due to their creative appeal and ability to tell a story while considering time. In addition, the phenomena of memes (captioned images appealing to an audience most often with humor) can capture a buyer while presenting information in a fresh and unique style.

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