Breaking News: Linkedin Adds Tagging Feature to Blog (Pulse) Posts. Details…

Posted 3 years ago, on the category: Blog by Jim Gilbert

This morning I published a new post and found a great new Linkedin Pulse feature. Now all Linkedin Publishers have the ability to create tags to help build readership.

Tags are on the bottom of your create post page. Here’s what I learned so far: 

  • You are only allowed 3 tags per post
  • The tag menu self populates with suggested tags
  • Not sure whether self created tags are able to be used
  • I am also not sure whether adding tags will work on older posts, but I am going to go back and see if I get any additional life on the 40-odd posts I wrote so far. Details to come.
  • Obviously clicking on a tag takes you to items similarly tagged
  • In the Linkedin Publishing group I have asked a few questions about how tags work so, look for an update as soon as I can get the info.

Thanks Linkedin for adding this feature. We hope someone will share with us how the tag system works. (why am I mentioning this here? Linkedin has answered my posts before in the comments section)

BTW, Linkedin, I have a few things I would love to see happen to Pulse posts that would help.

  • I would love some analytics. I want to know more about how my posts work.
  • I also want to be able to split test (A/B test) headlines. Headlines are critical to getting seen.
  • Hashtags would be a great amplification feature you could add too.
  • And a “nice-to-have” would be the ability to schedule posts.
  • Oh and bring back the ability to see how many people are sharing my posts via which social media platform. That was very informative.

More details folks as I find out. Got a comment or some info on the new post tagging feature from Linkedin Pulse. Share it in the comments.

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