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Keeping Up with Google

When you think of the term SEO what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Was it Google? There’s a good chance...

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Content Marketing Event July 2014 Recap

Please note: This recap will go onto our new blog once our redesigned website is fully operational. Please enjoy...

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Storytelling in 2014

If there is one prediction from 2013 that has been proven true in 2014 it’s this: content still matters....

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Banks Use New Homeowner Lists to Gain New Accounts

Today’s Sun-Sentinel featured an article about a survey released by TD Bank that found that more than a fourth...

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Pay No Attention to Wall Street, Twitter is Fine

Wall Street needs to calm down, Twitter (TWTR) is doing just fine. They beat their first quarter earnings and...

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Homeowners Staying Put – and Home Improvement Companies Need to

According to an article in today’s Sun-Sentinel business section, many Homeowners are opting to renovate their homes rather than...

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